One Room Challenge – Week 4: DIY Accent Wall with Stencils

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge has been spent stenciling our guest bedroom wall.

If you ever wondered whether to try this stenciling thing or what to-do and what not to-do when stenciling your walls then this is a post for you.

So why stencil instead of using wallpaper?

Big reason here is cost.  A stencil design will cost you anywhere from $25-$70 dollars and a gallon of paint is about $40.  So in general you can get a great design on your walls with a little over $100 instead of spending well over a thousand dollars for wallpaper.

Stencil designs are easy to remove.  For my non-committal DIY’ers, all you have to do is paint over if you grow restless with the design. Wallpaper, depending on the type you purchase can be a nightmare to remove.

Stenciling is extremely easy to do.  All you need is time.

Here are my tips when using wall stencils.

Tip 1: Use matte or flat latex paint. It dries almost instantly allowing to stencil continuously.

Tip 2: Apply very little paint to your roller. It should almost be dry to the touch and roll the paint lightly avoid pressing too hard to avoid bleeding.

Tip 3: Use repositionable self-adhesive spray help the stencil stick to the wall and to reduce bleed under the stencil. I used Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive and it did not leave any residue on my wall.

Tip 4: Clean the stencil as soon as you are done.  Do not let the paint dry. It took me a couple of days to complete the one wall which meant I had to completely clean the stencil and remove all paint.  This is typically an easy process, but my stencil design has very tiny pieces that make up the rose which made cleaning dried up paint off these pieces not easy. After some trial and error, I found that Krud Kutter removes dried latex paint easily without damaging the stencil.  Paint thinner is not advised dues to the harsh chemical makeup that will most likely damage the stencil.   

I was gifted my Rose All Over stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils. They have the most stunning stencils designed by professional decorative artists. If you are ready to stencil your own walls, I highly recommend checking out their trendy stencil collection.

Tip 5: Enjoy the process!  Every time I create something new the end result is always so much better if I enjoyed the overall process.

So what is next for Week 5:

I plan on stenciling the small side wall adjacent to the wall I already stenciled.  I think it will give it a nice wrapped up feeling when I place the bed against the wall.

The major task for this upcoming week is going to be to painting the remaining three walls dark green including all of the trim.  This not a comfortable decision for me but I think it will add a lot of character to the room.

We will also be installing some crown molding and painting it dark green.  I realized white crown molding with the dark green walls make the ceiling look shorter so to extend the height of the ceiling I will keep the wall and trim the same color.

I need to find art prints and order art frames.  Choosing art for this room is difficult because the guest bedroom is not a place I will be spending too much time in but I do want something that not only will reflect my style and make my heart flutter but it also something our guests would enjoy.

I will also be searching for curtains, curtain rods and new hardware for the nightstands.

Thanks for stopping by and following my journey! Be sure to click and on over and see what the other One Room Challenge Guest Participants are up to on week 4 here.

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