ORC Week 6: Wallpaper Install

I can’t believe it’s week 6 of the One Room Challenge. I’m writing this post the last day it’s due because majority of our work worth writing about happens on the weekend. So what have we completed this weekend?

Big things my friends.

We spray painted the built-ins with the final coat of paint and I’m so happy with the color.

It was not the color I wrote about in blog week 3 but one I had my mind on this color since the beginning of the project and was trying to silence my intuition and go with a safer color but this project would not be fun for me if I functioned like that. I want to go bold and a bold, saturated color feels so good for this space.

We also spray-painted the wainscotting we installed last week. It took Uros less than five minutes to spray paint all of the wainscotting while it took me more than an hour to prime the wainscotting with a primer and a roller. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken us if we had to use a roller for the built-ins. If you have never used a paint sprayer I highly recommend it especially the Graco X7 Magnum which is able to handle small and big jobs (interior and exterior).


Next we installed wallpaper. I chose a geometric black and white print because I wanted to add lots of pattern but also stay neutral with the color because at the time I was not sure which color I would paint the built-ins and I felt this wallpaper from Brewster could have worked with any color.

It’s a unpasted non-woven material that is washable and strippable. It is by far the best quality-wise wallpaper we have installed. It was extremely easy to work with and the patterns were extremely easy to match. We used the Roman Pro-880 ultra-clear adhesive and pasted it on the wall before lining up the paper as this wallpaper required the paste-the-wall application method. Paste the wall wallpaper is probably the easiests of the application methods because the glue on the wall allows you to menuver the wallpaper easily, making aligning the pattern an easy task.

I know paint can do wonders for a room but wallpaper just takes it on another level. The glamorous black and gold fans stun against a cream background. The layered design has a dimensional effect and adds an Art Deco flair to this traditional room. The scallops add that soft touch while the blue paint color on the built-ins and wall molding gives it playful masculinity. I love how the wallpaper makes the blue pop even more.

The combinations of the vibrant, electric blue with the formal black and white wallpaper gives the room a sense of balance. It does not feel too formal nor too laid back. It’s somewhere right in the middle, all you need to do is open and book and enjoy (once the furniture is all back in place).

For this project we installed a bit more formal crown molding than we typically do because the crown molding is part of the built-ins and in order to have a traditional library we need more tranditional crown molding.

The crown molding gave that visual balance between the white wallpaper and the blue wainscotting. Blue crown molding was the cherry on top because it gave a nice contrast to the soft peach color we added to the ceiling.

The living rooms is finally starting to look like a home library/living room. If you forgot what the room looked like before, check out week 1. We have come a long way and are so happy with where we are now.


Here are list of remaining items left to complete before the final reveal June 24th – June 27th.

  1. – Install sconces and chandelier
  2. – Upholster two benches
  3. – Install curtains
  4. – Make pillow covers
  5. – Install art
  6. – Move all the furniture back into the room
  7. – Add books and accessories to built-ins
  8. – Prep for final pictures

Thank you all for cheering us on and for your enthusiasm for this room. Sharing this process with you makes it so fun and exciting.

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  1. Wow! It’s looking great so far, I can’t believe how far this room has come. I love the bright blue too 🙂

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