ORC Week 7: Installing the final touches


We are one week away from the final reveal and the week before the reveal is always so nerve-wracking. There always seem to be a million small things that need to be completed and they all matter because all the details make the room truly unique and complete. Featured designers will be revealing their room this Wednesday and guest designers (that would be me) will start revealing their rooms this Thursday but we have until Sunday and I think I will need all the extra time I can get. This week we installed many items and I’m going to share sneak peeks of each to give you enough insight but to not over-share before the reveal. After all, I want you to be surprised!

Before I dive into everything we have accomplished this week you can catch up on previous weeks here: Week 1 / Week 2 / Week 3 / Week 4 / Week 5 / Week 6.

Lighting Installation

Let’s start with the beautiful sconces and chandelier that were gifted from Crystorama. I chose the Sloan sconce because I love unique-looking sconces and I felt these fit the bill. The black and gold metal with the tapered arm effortlessly adds visual interest and is the perfect match with the wallpaper we installed last week.

Next we installed a ceiling medallion which painted a slightly more saturated peach than the ceiling to make it stand out slightly more than the ceiling but to not compete with the built-ins.

Adding a ceiling medallion is a great a way to embellish the area around the light fixture. Ceiling medallion size is typically based on the light fixture and room size. The general rule is, the ceiling medallion should not be the same size the the light fixture. It can be slightly bigger or slightly smaller. The key work is ‘slightly’ because you don’t want to get too small or to big of a ceiling medallion but consider the light fixture when choosing the size.

Next we installed chandelier also from Crystorama.


Here is a sneak peek. The crystals add elegance to the library and give that sense of formality.

Patterns, Pattern, and more Patterns.

For this One Room Challenge, I wanted to focus on two things, bold colors, and patterns. While I already shared the wallpaper we installed last week. Here it is again as it is a jumping point for all the other patterns that got added to this week.

To add warmth, I had custom euro pleat curtains made with this Calico fabric and the pattern play makes me happy.

My Kravet Fabric Sarah Richardson Decowave Ultramarine Pillow Covers arrived this weekend. While I don’t want to share what they looks like I do want to share the fabric pattern.

I think it add a nice modern touch and the different shades of blue compliment the built-ins.

I’m also working on making my own pillow covers with the Vento Ribbon by Robert Allen fabric.

This pattern is bigger in scale and adds more of the modern drama that I have been looking for.

Things to do before the big reveal

My top priority is to find more books. After creating a whole wall of built-ins I realized I don’t nearly have enough books. While I started collecting books early on, I still have not found enough because I have been selective about what I add to our library. I don’t want books just there to fill the space. Instead, I want to add books that I will one day want to read.

Next, I’m waiting for art to come in. It’s suppose to arrive on Tuesday and I’m anxiously waiting because it is really cutting close to the deadline and preventing from being able to start taking some photos.

Lastly, I want to finish making the pillows and re-upholster these vintage benches I scored on Facebook marketplace.

I’m thinking of using the leftover Calico fabric from the curtains for these benches but have not decided if that is what I will land on. I guess you will just have to stop by next week to check out the final update. Thanks for stopping by! Now head on over to other guest and featured designers here.

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