Fall 2021 One Room Challenge| Master Bathroom Week 1


I can’t believe it’s fall already and that I’m participating in my fifth One Room Challenge. Yes, fifth. Here is a run-through of all of the rooms I was able to complete by participating in the challenge.

Guest Bedroom | ORC Fall 2019

Family Room| ORC Spring 2020

Powder Room| ORC Fall 2020

Library Room| ORC Spring 2021

Master Bathroom | Current project

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What is the ORC?

Before I dive into the details of this project I would like to thank Linda for organizing the One Room Challenge. If you are new to the ORC here is why I love this event and what it’s all about. The ORC is an interior design challenge where 20 featured designers and hundredths of guest designers (one of them being me) have eights weeks to transform a room. This challenge is not a competition but rather a fun way to get your creative juices going and truly create something magical. The best part not only does this event help us to stay motivated and finish a room on a timeline, but it also allows us to meet other super creative and fun individuals who have the same goals and who are there cheering you on each week to make sure you accomplish the tasks you have set for yourself. I can’t think of a better way of doing a project.

Current State of Master Bathroom

Uros and I have been thinking about renovating this bathroom for a couple of years now. We knew that doing any updates to this bathroom would only make sense if we decided to fully gut it and improve the layout of the entire space. The current layout of the master bathroom no longer works for us and let me show you why.

When you walk into the bathroom you enter this small space that only fits a single vanity. We are constantly in each other’s way when trying to get ready in the morning. What we really need is a double vanity not only for having more space to get ready for the day but also for more storage. Let just say, the counters are never this perfect.

The door next to the vanity leads to this tiny shower space.

A few inches separate the door from the toilet. The shower floor and wall tile are completely outdated. Since we have moved in the house three years ago we never used the jacuzzi tub. It’s fair to say, we will not miss it once it is no longer there.

New Layout Plan

In order to maximize the space we got here we are going to remove the wall behind the vanity and create a more open layout. We are also going to get rid of the tub and create a walk-in shower. To get more room for the shower, we will demo the closet that shares a wall with the shower and pivot the shower to extend from the shower head horizontally. We will take the extra room we gained by pivoting the shower and install a double vanity next to it.

In addition to demoing the walls, we will also remove the hardwood floors and install the classically beautiful checked floor tile which has been my jumping point for the overall design of the space. I have always wanted to add checkered floors in our colonial house but it has never worked out in any space and this time I finally get to do it.

Here is how I plan to coordinate the floors with the rest of the design elements.


Besides itching to add back and white checkered floors, I have been wanting to incorporate lipstick red into a space because it is one of my favorite colors. I think adding it as an accent color via the mirrors and the fabric for the roman shades gives it a nice punch of unexpected bold color while not overpowering the classic design present.

This Weeks Progress

We have started to demo the master bathrooms and there is no going back and I’m happy about that.

master bathroom gut rehab

The vanity is gone and the whole wall behind the vanity has been removed. The space looks more open now but I can’t say it looks better yet. It always has to look worse before it can look better.

Next on the list to demo is the shower wall and the closet behind it. We also need to remove all the hardwoods floors and tile and get rid of the bathtub. To get daily updates of this project be sure to follow me on Instagram where I will have all video updates in my ORC: Master Bath stories.

Thank you so much for joining me on Design Playbook Fall 2021 Master Bathroom renovation challenge. Come back next week to check out our demolition progress. Don’t forget to check out projects by Featured Designers and Guest Designers here.

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  1. Wow! I always applaud the brave souls who take on bathroom projects for the ORC – love your design concept! Exciting to follow along. 🙂

  2. Good luck! I did my bathroom in the spring and even though it was a ridiculous amount of work I could not be happier now that it’s done

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