ORC Week 2: Master Bathroom Demolition

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and we spend the whole week demoing our master bathroom. If you missed Week 1 design plans check them out here. This was our first project in which we gutted everything ourselves. We started off demoing the wall behind the vanity because this is the wall the made this bathroom small and not very functional.

By removing this wall it immediately felt like a bigger space. Next, we got rid of the tile on the wall and the tub pictured above. Right next to the tub on the other side of the wall is our linen closet.

Now that we removed the main wall the kept the bathroom as two different spaces, we also needed to remove the floor tile that was in the shower areas and the wood floors that were part of the vanity area.

We will replace the wood floors and old tile with some beautiful black and white checkered tile that will not only make this area look like one big space but will also add a nice classic sophisticated touch.

In order to create more space for a walk-in shower and a double vanity, we decided the sacrifice the linen closet that was on the other side of the bathtub (sharing the same wall). This was really the key to making our desire for a double vanity and an overall bigger space possible.

The hardest part of demoing this much of a space is finding a place to move all the material. Our master bathroom is on the second floor of the house so there was a lot of going up and down the stairs carrying heavy loads of old tile. We got clever with wood floors and just threw them out the window into our backyard and later took them to a dump.

Demolition is a ton of work and what I learned from doing all of the work ourselves is to hire some help next time. It would have been much easier and quicker to complete this with one more person but we are so glad this part of the project is over.

Next week we have the plumber coming in to re-route the plumbing for the shower and the vanity. Once that is complete we will install drywall to close off the massive linen close opening.

One thing I always like to remind myself during the early weeks of the One Room Challenge is: it has to look uglier before it can look pretty again and this could not be more true for this project. Admittedly, the bathroom looks worse than when we started with but stay with us because in the next couple of weeks we will be making some dramatic changes.

Thanks for following along. Be sure to check out other ORC projects and don’t forget to stop by next week for more updates! As a reminder, if you like more frequent and more detailed updates, follow me on Instagram where I post daily videos of our master bathroom renovation progress.

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