ORC Week 3: Plumbing and Drywall

This week of the One Room Challenge we completed the not-so-glamorous tasks of re-routing plumbing and installing drywall. I learned a ton about the proper way of waterproofing walls so that they don’t leak behind the tile (once it is installed).

Plumbing is the only part of this project we are not doing ourselves. A plumber re-routed our plumbing to this wall where the linen closet used to be.

We didn’t have a shower valve the first time the plumber came so another plumber came back once our shower system arrived to rough in the plumbing. This is what the result looks like.

Next we installed drywall.

My husband Uros has experience patching some big holes from another ORC project so installing drywall for an entire wall was not a hug stretch. With the help of youtube you can really learn anything.

Waterproofing the shower walls with Schluter membrane was probably the most stressful part of this project so far. Installing the schluter membrane is like installing wallpaper except with an extreme timer because it required using thinset and when the thinset starts drying applying the membrane becomes not only extremely difficult but it also risks the membrane not being properly attached to the wall resulting in leaks.

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