ORC Week 5-7: Classic Master Bathroom Reno

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last One Room Challenge update. The kids were sick and we were waiting on a contractor to help with the floor installation and many items are delayed so I did not have much of an update but now I do!

The big one that my Uros and I are super proud of is: we installed shower tile! We did it all on our own and while it was so much work we are extremely happy to have been able to do it ourselves.

For the flooring we did not feel comfortable installing ourselves because the tile was an 18×18 which requires an a bigger grout line but we wanted a 1/16 grout line to match the grout lines that were already there separating the black and white-colored squares.

The floor tile did not disappoint. It’s absolutely stunning and adds such a classic, sophisticated touch to the room.

Installing the tile on a diagonal (harlequin style) has given the bathroom more depth and has made the overall room seem bigger than what it really is. I have been wanting to install this type of tile for a very long time and I’m grateful it finally is working out in this master bath.

I also picked a paint color for the entire bathroom and trim. After much debate, I decided on a warm off-white called Dove Wing by Benjamin Moore for the wall and a soft black called Cheating Heart also by Benjamin Moore for the trim.

I also decided on hardware and doorknobs. The was deciding between two hardware pulls from Scahub Hardware and it was a tough decision because they were both so unique and beautiful. My final choice will be revealed next week for the final reveal.

My absolute favorite company to work with for doorknobs is Grandeur Hardware. The craftsmanship and overall uniqueness of each knob really makes it a jewel of the room. Here is the knob I can’t wait to install after our new doors are installed. Our entire house has terrible door and we are slowly replacing each. As you can see below. The door on the left is a newly installed and painted door while the one on the right is what we are getting rid of.

We have a ton of work left to do before the revel but I look forward to sharing it with you! Don’t forget to come back next weeks for all the details. Also, be sure to check out other room renovations here.

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