One Room Challenge – Guest Bathroom

I signed up for the One Room Challenge and this time completely last minute. Typically when I sign up to renovate a room I have spent at least a couple of months designing the room and getting my materials ordered. The room I initially thought I was going to do was our dining room but when that did not work out due to delays in items, I thought I would just not participate this time around. Coincidentally, I had a random conversation with my mother about our guest bathroom needing some updates and decided I could tackle that space with the goal being to work with exiting items in the bathroom. Typically, I love to start all of my projects with a blank canvas but that is not an option in this case so if you are interested in following a project where the goal is utilizing existing elements and making changes that make a big impact without breaking the bank, then this project is for you!


It’s not pretty.


It all started with the wallpaper. I absolutely fell in love with this wallpaper called Midnight Tale but thought it was a bit too dark with a black background for my toddler girls who primarily utilize this bathroom. I reached out to the company and asked if they could change the background to a lighter color and it turned out you can fully customize it.

So I landed on the wallpaper on the right which I’m still waiting to receive a sample of but I moved forward with design plans using that wallpaper which means my design is most likely going to change because seeing wallpaper in person is very different than on the computer screen. You are better able to match fabric and paint etc.

Here are two mood boards I’m currently considering. The light fixture is not decided but there are two very good contenders in the mix.

Option #1

Option #2:

I created a bathroom 3D layout of the bathroom to communicate all the different sized walls I need to wallpaper to the company I’m working with because they will be sending wallpaper according to all the dimensions needed. I also felt this was a great exercise to do because it really made me think about the layout and how I want to tackle this project.

My goal for this bathroom is to also improve how much light is available. Currently, there are two sconces above the mirrors which do not provide enough light. We are going to re-wire the electrical and create ceiling light and sconce light between the mirrors.

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