One Room Challenge: The Guest Bathroom Reveal

I’m thrilled to get to share the guest bathroom with you! For the last week, we have been battling Covid which really made it difficult to continue with the renovation but we pushed through. This bathroom was in a terrible state when we started but I didn’t want to go through a full gut rehab again, like our last bathroom renovation, so we got creative.

To jog your memory, here is what the bathroom looked like on day one of the One Room Challenge.

The floor and the door are the two items that bothered me the most about this bathroom. I did a ton of research on my options for changing the floor without taking out the tile out. Some obvious options were painting the tile or using some sort of stencil, using epoxy, or tile stickers but all of that sounded like a ton of work and I was afraid the paint was not durable enough for my toddler girls who are the primary users of this bathroom.

What did sound durable is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), which after much research and consultation from several floor professionals, can be installed over tile, so we went for it and it was the BEST DECISION EVER! LVT is the perfect solution for the following reasons:

LVT has a lifetime warranty.

No Glue, no nails, no mess during installation. It has quick and easy locking mechanism.

Can be installed directly over most existing floors. (Even if you don’t have level floors, you can purchase foam underlayment to level it out).

It’s waterproof which is a must for a bathroom.

Many style options to choose from (stone, wood etc).

It’s inexpensive. It cost us $100 to cover our small area.

Here is what our bathroom floor looks like after the LVT installation. I’m including the before image (left) for easy comparison.

I think fixing the floor in this manner makes this one of my favorite DIY projects. It looks professional and the installation was quick and painless.

Let’s get to the rest of the bathroom renovation because there is so much to share. Remember how I mentioned I hated the door? Well, we installed a new door and the Grandeur doorknob could not look any more stunning.

And here is the full bathroom

The wallpaper from Deccoprints stole the show.

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